Need to Know Video Optimization SEO Tips

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Video optimization seo plays a vital role in website seo.

YouTube is the best medium so far seo optimization. Although, YouTube is not only the one option for video sharing site as there are many others too but, it is very difficult to regret that if YouTube was a search engine, it would be at second position after Google.

Apart from getting first rank over Google, YouTube is much easier and an added bonus in terms of seo because top spot in YouTube means equally important position as Google's geographical search results.

For any video that is uploaded over YouTube, there are some search algorithms that works on three basic things listed below:
  1. Title and Description
  2. Number of Views
  3. Rating

Here are the few techniques that you should keep in mind while doing video optimization seo over YouTube:

  1. Title: You have a limit of 99 characters for title, so consider your targeted keyword.
  2. Description: You have a limit of 5000 characters. So, use all the space to describe because this plays a vital role in user rating and ranking on YouTube.
  3. Tags: Very useful to get your video search.
  4. Sharing options: Set the privacy to public so that most number of viewers can view it. And another option is of comments; enable them so that user can talk about it.

Key points to remember:

  1. YouTube consider view of a video after eight seconds of start, so make sure your video have that much power to cross that hurdle.
  2. Share it over your blog, product page and various social media sites to boost up views.
  3. Encourage others to share your video with others by asking them in description or in video itself.
  4. Main part is to promote it by Google adwords and by running various campaigns.
YouTube is one of the best website to get great SEO results for your website, so make sure you do each and every possible task to maximize views, ratings, and influence.

Video search engine optimization put a vital impact in your website ranking. Sharing and uploading a video is easy part, but promoting it requires a dedicate attention. WebHike Solutions provide an effective and affordable way for video optimization seo. So, contact us now for video search engine optimization quotation to rank you high on YouTube and Google.

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